About Koddaert

About 70 years ago there was a smithy in the city of Torhout, West-Flanders, that became the foundation of Koddaert nv. After two generations, Jean-Pierre Heynderick (the current director) joined the company in 1983. Since then Koddaert nv has grown and profiled itself as an international company specializing in non-prime steel products: flat rolled steel, waved steel sheets, profile sheets, merchant bars, steel beams and tubes...

Koddaert operates from an ultra modern facility with top notch machines and advanced means of communication, guaranteeing their products a 'first class treatment’.

Director Jean-Pierre acknowledges the importance of a thriving team spirit. A healthy team spirit guarantees the growth of Koddaert on the international market. The latest software applications and technical performances ensure an adequate stock management, a perfectly smooth workflow and 100 % customer service. Customers feel that focused dedication...

Do you want to know Koddaert nv better? Take a look inside our company.

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Koddaert produces its own green energy. We think about the future of the planet.

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Jean-Pierre Heynderick
Owner - Chairman
Sam De Jaeghere
Sales coils, strips, sheets
Matthias Decaesstecker
Sales coils, strips, sheets and wire
Ilse Despiegelaere
Administration and Logistics
Jolien Gadeyne
Jolien Gadeyne
Administration and Logistics
Bert Heynderick
Bert Heynderick
Sales coils, strips, sheets
Greet Heynderick
Administration and Logistics
Sofie Lauwers
Head of Accountancy
Nathalie Lesniak
Sales profile sheets
Christina Liu
Sales coils, strips, sheets and wire
Chesney Rambour
Administration and Logistics
Camille Roelens
Administration and Logistics
Melanie Vandewaetere
Sales Tinplate products and Profiled sheets
Evy Vanwelsenaere
Hans Vercruysse
Sales long products


Koddaert is expanding

4 November 2020

Koddaert is expanding his market.

In our search for more material to supply to our clients, we are expanding our activities to Middle East, Far East, Africa, South-America.
All these markets are on our agenda. If you are in this market, kindly contact us.

In times of Covid-19 it's not easy to create new opportunties but we believe it's our job to create value for clients and suppliers.
Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

If you have an inquiry, kindly send your request through email koddaert@koddaert.com or give us a call. 
We'd be more than happy to reply to your requests.

Kind regards.
Koddaert TEAM.


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Koddaert Auctions - Koddaert app

1 April 2015

Koddaert would like to present its new auction system. As of today you can register and check online our secondary steel auctions. Once registered, you will get email notifications of every new auction.

Please check now and register on auctions.koddaert.be

Each offer contains some information, pictures and a detailed packing list.

If you would have some questions, please feel free to contact sam@koddaert.com  or mat@koddaert.com .

Koddaert also has developped an app. Kindly check your App Store or Google Store.