About Koddaert

From a local smithy 
to an international non-prime steel expert

Koddaert today is a worldwide recognized authority on non-prime steel coils, sheets, strips and other steel products in different qualities (hot rolled, cold rolled, galvanized, galvanealed,…).

However, our family business started as a small forge. About 70 years ago our smithy in the city of Torhout, West-Flanders, became the foundation of Koddaert nv. Three generations later, current dierctors Sam, Matthias and Bert further diversified our portfolio.

Since then, Koddaert, headquartered in Koekelare, has expanded its activities rapidly. Over the past decades we have grown into an 
international specialist in non-prime products with a strong focus on non-prime galvanized, hot and cold rolled coils and the ability to deliver +10,000MT volumes.

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Our values

The success of our company is based on 5 key values:

    We are not a trader but buy our stock directly from the mills. We make our own prime steel profile sheets in our production facilities in Koekelare, near our headquarters. All non-prime steel products are directly stored in our custom-bounded warehouse in the Port of Antwerp. From here, we ship any order to any place in the world. That way, we have full control over the quality and can guarantee maximum traceability.
    We have a large stock and maintain close relations with mills worldwide for a continuous supply of non-prime steel products.
    We aim for long-term partnerships with our suppliers and end-customers. We see ourselves as a dedicated solution provider they can rely on at all times.
    We not only invest in sustainable relationships with our partners and clients. We also care about the future of the planet. Therefore, we act in respect to the environment and, to that purpose, produce our own green energy.
    We organize our work in the safest possible way, with respect for our people and the environment. 

State-of-the-art facility

At our warehouse in the Port of Antwerp we store all non-prime steel products, from hot rolled coils to steel beams and other secondary and third choice steel.


Team of experts

A thriving team spirit is what drives the growth of our company on the international market. The latest software applications and technical performances ensure an adequate stock management, a perfectly smooth workflow and 100% customer service. Customers feel that focused dedication of our team of specialists.