From hot rolled coils, cold rolled coils to full hard, galvanized, electrogalvanized, galvanealed, CRNGO, aluzinc, galfan and prepainted non-prime steel coils. We can offer coils in any quality. Please check our stock list for more info.

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Cold rolled coils

Cold rolled coils have received an additional treatment after it has been hot rolled, pickled, and oiled. The coils are moved into a series of rollers to lower its thicknesses and to have uniform surface smoothness. The process is done at room temperature. Cold rolled coils can then be further annealed to soften the steel. These characteristics, depending on the end-use, change with the intensity of the annealing.

Hot dip galvanized coils (GI coils)

Passing cold rolled coil through a melted zinc bath, in order to coat the steel with a thin layer of zinc to provide corrosion resistance, is called hot dip galvanizing.
Hot dip galvanized coils (GI coils) have many applications in construction/building, roofing, automotive parts, sections, profiled sheets, etc...

As a galvanized coils (GI coils) supplier you can always contact us for questions about our coil products or pricings.

Prepainted coils

Pre-painted Galvanized steel is a Galvanized steel with a number of paint layers and treatments in a carefully controlled environment in a continuous coil coating line.
Pre-painting can also be done on electrogalvanized coils and cold rolled coils depending on the end-use and application of the steel.

Galvannealed coils

Galvannealed coils are the result of combining hot dip galvanizing and annealing in one line. After galvanizing the product is being annealed to give its typical characteristics. Galvannealed coils do not give off their coating when formed, stamped, and bent. They have a grey finish which acts as a primer allowing paint to adhere easily. Galvannealed coils are very rust proof and offer good weldability.

Hot rolled coils

Hot rolled coil is produced via continuous casting process of slabs. This is the base material for and coated coil, but can also be used directly into industrial applications such as steel tubes, construction, shipbuilding, gas containers, pressure vessels and energy pipelines.

As a hot rolled coils supplier you can always contact us for questions about our coil products or pricings.

Tinplate coils

Thanks to its interesting set of properties ETP or Electrolytic Tinplate is an excellent packaging material. We offer fully assorted and unassorted ETP sheets as well as cut to length sheets and coils. The tinplate products are available in prime, overrolling or secondary quality.

DWI tinplate coils

DWI or “Drawn and Wall Ironed” tinplate is typically used for weld-free DWI cans in the beverage and food industries.

Depending on availability, we can offer DWI coils in different thicknesses and qualities from West-European origin.

Blackplate coils

Blackplate is the basic component of tinplate (ETP)and Tin Free Steel(TFS). We offer blackplate coils in soft and hard tempers.

Tinfree steel coils

Chromium coated steel is electrolytically coated with a layer of chrome thinner than a micron. We can offer TFS (Tin Free Steel), also known by the acronym ECCS (Electrolytic Chromium Coated Steel) in secondary sheets and coils or cut to length according to your specifications. The TFS products are available in prime, overrolling or secondary quality.

Aluzinc, Galfan, ... coils

Aluzinc coating is composed by 55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 2% silicon. The process is done by hot dip galvanizing.
GALFAN coating consists of 95% Zn 5% Al, and 1ppm of precious metals, thus providing twice the protection against corrosion than galvanized steel (HDG) of equal weight.

Electrogalvanized coils

Electrogalvanized coating is being used to protect coils against corrosion by putting a layer of zinc on the surface of the coils. The process involves electroplating. Running electricity through a zinc solution with a zinc anode and a steel conductor. The application is mainly used in car industry where some parts only need1 side coated materials.

Cold rolled non-grain-oriented coils

Iron-silicon alloys with varying silicon contents that have similar magnetic properties in all directions in plan of the sheet. Non-oriented Electrical steel is principally used for motors, generators, alternators, ballasts, small transformers and a variety of other electromagnetic applications.

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